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ABADAL WORLD IS A ACTION HORSE SERVICE AND ANIMAL WRANGLES COMPANY BASED IN BARCELONA. We work in movies, tv serials, tv ads, theater, private events and functions, etc …

Years ago, we had already dreamed of building this company. ABADAL WORLD was born from the passion we have for the horses. The concept was to create a company, which combines HORSES, STUNT-HORSES and OTHER ANIMALS. Abadal World is an international Animal and Stunt Movie services company. We work in movies, Tv series, adverts, photoshoots and live events. We choreograph, coordinate and direct stunt scenes with animals and stunts.

Abadal World S.L was founded to create a world where everything was posible, and company with unlimited possibilities. A team of professionals working together between departments, achieving optimum results.


We work anywhere, mostly local. We will provide you with professional Animals Wranglers and Animals for your next production. We understand how to work on and around a set. You will love the attitude of our animals and our work ethic. The health and well being of the animals and safety for them, your crew and actors is our priority. We have almost every type of animal on the planet at our disposal.This is one of the things we do best, Our animals are loved and cared for 365 days a year. We have been caring for and training animals for years.  It’s not just a job, it’s our way of life!

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