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Abadal World is a company of Trained Animals, Action Horses and Stunt Riders,

that work in national and international projects,

in movies, tv and live events.

Our engine is the passion we feel for animals, movies and action scenes. We complete our services by providing weapons and clothing from different eras. Coaches trainers for actors and choreographers of the design of action scenes, to maximize safety in collaboration with the production and management departments. We love our animals and they are treated with love and respect at all times. We will provide animals and specialist riders for your next production. You will love the attitude of our animals and our work ethic. The health, welfare and safety of animals, equipment and actors is our priority.

This is what we do best

All our animals are loved and cared for 365 days a year. We have been caring for and training them for years to be prepared for anything.

It´s not our job, it´s our way of life.