Horses & Stunt Riders

Abadal World has a 100 horses at your disposal. We can supply action horses and stunt riders, to any part of Spain within 48 hours.

Our horses are especially trained to work on films.  Our horses are excellent stunt performers, they can fall, rear up, jump things, work with fire and explosions, do liberty work and tricks. We have horses of every breed and every coat color. We always approach things in a way that is safe for the animals, actors and crew.

Our team of riders and trainers control all horse disciplines, such as: Spanish high school, horse falls, dressage, jumping, liberty groundwork, roman riding and trick riding. With a team of stunts as broad as ours, we can provide the stunt who most resembles the actor that we have to double.

We have our installations for rehearsals and for private instruction for actors who have little to no experience with horses, our horses have been delicately selected to be suitable for beginners. We also choreograph and coordinate any type of fight. We dominate a wide variety of combat styles, with our team of experts in martial arts and weapon handling. We create impressive choreographies with all type of weapons.